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Spencer Tech has experience working across industries that face complex problems. Working closely with clients and world-leading subject matter experts, Spencer Tech takes a systems-based approach to provide insight and analysis.

Defence & Aerospace

Spencer Tech understands the need for security, and clarity in decision making for Defence. We have experience working with Australian Defence government clients and the Defence industry.

Complex capabilities and systems need precise definition, clear understanding of needs and rationale for decisions made. Spencer Tech has provided some of Australia's largest Defence capabilities enduring models to form the basis of knowledge capture and management over years and decades for these long-running projects.

Defence government and industry clients are major users of software tools supported by Spencer Tech.

Spencer Tech provides ongoing engagement as Engineering Advisor to Shoal Engineering (formerly Aerospace Concepts), a leading engineering services organisation working primarily in Australia and the United States.

Military Humvee

Rail & Public Transportation

Spencer Tech has worked with public transportation providers and rail systems developers to implement systems engineering solutions.

Rail systems development involves managing complex requirement sets and integrating multiple engineering disciplines together. Safety is of critical importance, and good systems engineering practice forms the backbone for safety assurance.

Working with government on public transportation projects requires clear treaceability and rationale for decisions made. Models in systems engineering tie together the lifecycle of major projects, covering concept definition, requirements, systems design, test and evaluation.

Train Station


Spencer Tech provides services and tools to improve engineering quality in telecommunications.

Spencer Tech's Model-Based Systems Engineering approaches meet the high demands of major network providers by:

  • Creating an enduring and coherent network architecture and communicating this throughout the organisation.

  • Improving understanding and management of complex technical dependencies across large networks.

  • Providing a basis for major technology upgrades and automation of service delivery.

Spencer Tech has contributed as a founding member of the Telecommunications Working Group of the Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA).

cellular communications tower on a backg

Manufacturing Process Engineering

Spencer Tech works with manufacturing experts, using systems engineering to improve production efficiency.

We have developed re-usable process models, which can be used to analyse how improvements can be made affecting production schedules, human resource cost, and the use of constrained factory resources.

This approach has taken data previously requiring constant re-work, and replacing with models that:

  • Are easy to work with via user-friendly diagrammatic representations of process flow and architecture.

  • Interface directly with the Microsoft Office suite to maintain links with industrial engineering specialists.

  • Represent a consistent underlying data structure describing the manufacturing systems.

From this, using discrete-event simulation, many scenarios are tested to reveal resource and timing constraints under various parameters.

Empty Factory
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