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Spencer Tech provides services in Systems Engineering for small and large projects, training in Model-Based Systems Engineering, and development of software integration and extensions. See below for more details on what we offer.

Systems Engineering Consulting

Systems Engineering

System Design and Analysis as a Service

Spencer Tech works with clients to provide insight to complex systems using a model-based approach.

Spencer Tech delivers to clients:

  • System designs based on stakeholder needs, with fully traceable rationale.

  • Exploration of problem spaces through scenario-based operational analysis.

  • Analysis of parametric constraints and discrete-event simulation to view how systems will operate.

  • Assured, consistent and comprehensive design outputs.

Training Class


Model-Based Systems Engineering and Tailored Training

As the partner of Vitech Corporation in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, we provide high-quality training in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) using Vitech's CORE and GENESYS products. Public training courses are scheduled regularly at our facilities, or dedicated classes can be organised to suit client needs.

Contact Spencer Tech to discuss both standard course offerings, and training tailored to your needs.

Man Hands On Keyboard

Software Integration

Developing Digital Engineering Environments

A Model-Based Systems Engineering environment is just one part of the Digital Engineering Thread. Spencer Tech specialises in designing and developing the integration of tools, covering detailed engineering tasks, project management, risk management and other specialisms.

Developing extensions to MBSE tools like Vitech GENESYS™, Spencer Tech has helped clients get more value out of the richness of their models, and communicate designs and outcomes to broader teams in real-time.

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